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Las Vegas Karate School Named Best in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Karate School and a Henderson Karate School are named Best in Las Vegas by Martial Arts Magazine. Both are Professional Karate Centers under the teaching guidance of Grand Master Allen Sarac and is one of the oldest schools in Nevada.

This website gives you information on what happens in their karate school as well as great information to determine what martial arts school is best for you

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Which Martial Arts School is Right for You?

Whether for fun, sport, to instill an improved sense of discipline or serious self defense ask yourself some important questions when looking for a Las Vegas Martial Arts School (or anywhere).

  • School with longevity
  • A track record of sucess
  • Safety features present in the training facility
  • Learn about the Instructors
  • Understand the School's Philosophy
  • Finally, Look at the School's Community Involvement
For more detailed information on How To Find A Good Martial Arts Instructor and School CLICK HERE (opens in new window)

Take a Deep Look Into The Premier
Las Vegas Karate School

Professional Karate Center's are Clark County's premiere school of Martial Arts. Chief Instructor and World Champion, 7th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Allen Sarac and his team of certified Instructors bring over 38 years of teaching experience to our family of students.

Whether your are totally new to the Martial Arts, experienced, adult or child, Professional Karate Centers offers a comprehensive program to develop your body, mind, self defense skills and good character.

Click to open window with the biography of Grand Master Allen Sarac

Watch this video to see a 10 minute video of basics, one-steps and kata in our class. You can do this too, with Training at our school!

What Set's Professional Karate Center's Apart?

Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center's offer a unique and effective blend of traditional values and modern effective Martial Arts techniques that not only will develop you and/or your child as an individual, but also develop simple and highly useful self-defense skills, which are essential in today's world.

Additionally, we offer a proven and effective method of training administered by our professional staff. There is a comfortable viewing area with full color monitors so that parents can observe the class.

The Las Vegas Karate Student

We want to introduce some of our family of students to you. Notice that we use the word family. We use this word because that is how we view our school and our students. In our family we have a combination of children, adolescents and adults at all different levels of skill and rank.

Everybody (even Master Sarac) started out as a white belt, excited, nervous and knowing very little or nothing about what we do. How did he (or anyone else for that matter) get to a high level of skill and competence? The answer is that he had a good Instructor and he had his more experienced brother and sister students.

We encourage this attitude of family with school parties for adults and children, Inner-School Tournaments, and many other events and activities.

Read and see more about our family of Las Vegas Karate Kids by CLICKING HERE

The Martial Arts Instructors

Master Allen Sarac prides himself in having personally trained each instructor which allows our dojos to maintain the same style, philosophies, and teaching methods at either location. For more information on our Instructors CLICK HERE

Our Martial Arts Style

Teaching traditional values has always been a part of Professional Karate Centers. But the style of Song Moo Kwan has been elevated to allow for a better offering of Mixed Martial Arts. We are rich in history yet contemporary in our self defense style

LVKarate.com  Las Vegas Karate:
A Valuable Martial Arts Resource

As one of the world's few Song Moo Kwan Grand Masters, Allen Sarac has a wealth of information on Martial Arts. As this information is gathered and placed into our website, you may use it to better understand "The Ever Youthful House Of Martial Arts Training"

For over 30 years men, women and children have been training and enjoying the martial arts by Grand Master Allen Sarac and his dedicated team at Professional Karate Centers. The art of karate, self defense, confidence, character, mannerisms, exercise and stress relief are just some of the benefits that over 6,000 students have been trained in.
Join us, you don't need any experience or to "get in shape" first. Just stop in and talk to us. Master Sarac, one of his students, or even a parent of one of our karate kids would love to answer your questions

Would you like to experience karate classes in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada? Try this Exclusive LVKarate.com Special: A FREE WEEK of Lessons (not just 1 day!) to see if martial arts classes are for You!

Our Table of Contents

LVkarate News Blog
Get updated news from the Las Vegas Karate Blog and subscribe to our RSS reader for terrific Martial arts information. Provided by Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers.
Free Karate Lessons at Professional Karate Centers
Free Karate Lessons are the best way to decide if the martial arts is for you. Use this page to get Your Free Lessons this week.
Martial Arts Philosophy
Our Martial Arts Philosophy has served us for over 30 years, See how it has made our karate school number one
Finding A Good Martial Arts Instructor or School
How to find a good martial arts instructor or good karate school. Here's a checklist for picking one that's right for you
Grand Master Allen Sarac
Here is a short biography of Martial Artist and Grand Master Allen Sarac of Karate Style TaeKwonDo Song Moo Kwan
Martial Arts Instructor Levi Winston
Martial Arts Instructor Levi Winston offers a free week of karate lessons at Professional Karate Centers in Nevada
Martial Arts Instructor Jason Gordon
Martial Arts Instructor Jason Gordon offers a free week of karate lessons at Professional Karate Centers in Nevada
Martial Arts Instructor John Arfuso
Martial Arts Instructor John Arfuso offers a free week of karate lessons at Professional Karate Centers in Nevada. Join this Clark County school teacher to see if karate is for you.
The karate kid at Professional Karate Centers
Visit webpages of The karate kid, students at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers
Karate for kids ages 4 and up
Karate for kids ages 4 and up have been taught in private, public and karate schools by Professional Karate Centers by Allen Sarac for over 30 years in the Las Vegas and Henderson Area. See why
Karate Girl Begins The Third Generation
Karate Girl Katrina begins the third generation of lessons in this funny letter from her school
Karate Girl age 9 Gives A Good Fighting Tip
Karate Girl Age 9 Malaika Brooks gives her fighting tip from Professional Karate Centers and she tells how it helped in hockey, too!
Getting Her Black Belt - Taylor Bartoli
Taylor Bartoli is shown Getting Her Black Belt. Who would you thank when you get yours?
Karate Woman Tells How to Pass A Black Belt Test
Karate Woman has a larger test as she fights hard to win her Black Belt and Against Multiple Sclerosis. Read her short message from Professional Karate Centers in Nevada
Karate Belts -Their Colors and Meaning
Information on Karate Belts - The Meaning, Colors, and Testing
Karate Black Belt: What Is It?
We define the meaning of the karate black belt color, characteristics of a black belt as a role model and their responsibility
The Karate Belt Colors and Their Meanings
The Karate Belt Colors and What They Represent To The Student
A Black Belt Story
The black belt story tells all wise people see change as new beginnings..
belt testing information
Here are the Benefits of Belt Testing and Why Testing is Mandatory in American Martial Arts
Becoming A Black Belt
Tips on becoming a black belt from a martial artist at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers
Belt Rank Testing Tips for Martial Artists by Martial Artists
Here are letters to you from martial artists who have put together belt rank testing tips for your success
More Karate Black Belt Testing Tips from Black Belts
Get More Karate Black Belt Testing Tips from Black Belts who have completed their Belt Rank Test
Belt Testing Tip Secret. Campaign Yourself!
Belt Testing? Campaign Yourself! Get another belt testing tip to score higher on your next martial arts belt test.
Karate Training by Grand Master Allen Sarac
Karate Training teaches you to Step Up! Read a lesson as told by Grand Master Allen Sarac of Song Moo Kwan, Tae Kwon Do
Karate Master Allen Sarac's Open Letter on Respect
Karate Master Allen Sarac tells of receiving his 7th Black Belt and the task asked of this new Grand Master
GHOKGet High On Kicks Not Drugs
Get High on Kicks - GHOK ... is a non-profit anti Drug and abuse program designed to change the course of a child's life from attempting or continuing the use of drugs and narcotics
Toys 4 Smiles and Las Vegas Professional Karate Center builds toys for children
Toys 4 Smiles charity event with Allen Sarac's Karate Center was a eye opener on helping others and having a great time. See how toys are made
Information on the Big Bully
Definition of the big bully as well as how to spot a bullied child and how to stop it
Why enter a karate tournament
Why Enter a Karate Tournament? Should you enter a karate tournament? What could the benefit be?
The difference between karate styles: Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Kung Fu
Take a quick look at the difference between karate styles as we show you the definition between Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kung Fu
Funny Karate Jokes, Quotes and One-Liners
Funny Karate Jokes, Quotes and One-Liners to read and share while you are giggling uncontrollably at your friends while they are preparing for their next belt test
Master Allen Sarac tells the Stone Cutter, a karate story Searching for Power
Martial Arts Grand Master Allen Sarac retells the story of the Stone Cutter, A Karate Story Searching for Power
Our karate privacy policy because we care about you
Professional Karate Center's Karate Privacy Policy because we care about you

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Grand Master Allen Sarac Demonstrates
Palm Smash

For over 30 years Grand Master Allen Sarac and his personally trained Instructors have taught over 6000 children, teens and adults in the style of Tae Kwon Do - Song Moo Kwan.

Classes are separated by age, size, and ability to give you the personalized training that you desire from the premier Martial Arts School in Nevada.

Click on the photo above for a short Biography of Grand Master Sarac

Self Defense
And So

Much More

You can take the most precious thing in your life, your child, and turn him into the bully of your neighborhood without age appropriate lessons.

We specialize in effective self defense with time honored character building qualities of Confidence, Self Control, Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Courtesy and Manners.

After all, don't you want to protect your child as well as continue to teach them to become good citizens and leaders?

(And Parents)
Love PKC Karate

"All the kids are saying 'Yes Sir', and 'Yes Ma'am'. I have noticed more patience and understanding, too"

Mother of Luke Barr

"If you want to come just know its fun here in karate class"

Student Mara, Las Vegas

"I enjoy this class and it gives me something to look forward to after school"

Student Trever Berg

"I enjoy learning how to do all the Karate moves"

Student Royce Vereen

"Caleb has much more confidence and is speaking out much more, and lots of 'Yes Sirs', too!"

Mother of Caleb Barr

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