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Martial Arts and Tea, and Sparring?

by Eva
(United States)

Sparring and Tea

Sparring and Tea

Have you ever wanted to spar your classmate because you were mad at them?

I had the opportunity to spar with a friend of mine, and I really wanted to fight. Why? Because I was mad at him for never texting me back. Don't you just hate that?

So this friend of mine and I sparred this one night with him almost killing me (LOL!) and the next day we talk about that night and how he knew I wanted to spar with him cuz I was mad at him for not texting back.

I ask if he agreed that next time we should spar just for fun and not cuz I'm mad for some reason and he responds by saying,

"Absolutely! Your people can call my people and we can stab each other over tea."

He was joking around and I was laughing SO hard! ROFLOL!!!

Hmmmm, do you think he'll answer my texts now?

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