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This Las Vegas Karate School Is Named
'Best Martial Arts School in Nevada'

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Allen Sarac's

Professional Karate Center

5455 S. Ft Apache Rd

Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

(South of Ft. Apache & Russell)

Call Mon - Fri 12pm to 8pm, Sat 10 am-2pm

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A Las Vegas Karate School is named Top School In Nevada by Martial Arts Magazine. Along with the top 200 schools in the country and making this the best school in Las Vegas and Henderson Nv, Award Winning  Professional Karate Centers,  under the teaching guidance of Grand Master Allen Sarac, is one of the oldest schools in Nevada.

This website gives you information on what happens in their karate school as well as great information to determine which martial arts school is best for you

About The Oldest Award Winning

Las Vegas' Martial Arts School

Growth Through Tradition & Practice

Hi, I'm Allen Sarac. You may be here because you have many questions about beginning martial arts training, or are already interested or enrolled and are looking for information. In either case, Welcome!

This website has enough information about my school and its 36 years in Las Vegas, info about how to choose a good school for you, and training information & tips sure to please you. Read through this ever growing website and subscribe to my newsletter . We have something here for you

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Must Reading Before You Enroll In Any Martial Arts Program ...

How To Chose A Martial Art School and Instructor

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Our 30 year old School Philosophy

A Quick Bio of 8th Dan Grand Master Allen Sarac

Karate Training Tip

Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center is Clark County's premiere school of Martial Arts. Chief Instructor and World Champion, 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Allen Sarac and his team of certified Instructors bring over 40 years of teaching experience to our family of students. 

Whether your are totally new to the Martial Arts, experienced, adult or child, Professional Karate Centers offers a comprehensive program to develop your body, mind, self defense skills and good character.

It's Not The Size Of The Person In A Fight, But The Size Of The Fight In The Person

Your Safety and Personal Growth Is My Priority

Community Service

Not Bullies

Our Students Are Good Citizens

Each Belt Rank Test has a requirement for Community Service projects. The martial artist is more than a weapon of self defense. Learn why our students become better citizens and not bully's by learning empathy and involvement.

Studying To Become
A Black Belt

Belt Rank Test Time, a joy and a tangled web of nerves. Learn why its required and why you want to test.

Should you enter a karate tournament? Why should you enter a martial arts tournament? We answer those questions for you.

Read Tips and Techniques from our Students inside our website!

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Which Martial Arts School is Right for You?

Whether for fun, sports, to instill an improved sense of discipline or serious self defense ask yourself some important questions when looking for a Las Vegas Martial Arts School (or anywhere).

  • School with longevity
  • A track record of sucess
  • Safety features present in the training facility
  • Learn about the Instructors
  • Understand the School's Philosophy
  • Finally, Look at the School's Community Involvement
For more detailed information on How To Find A Good Martial Arts Instructor and School CLICK HERE (opens in new window)

Take a Deep Look Into The Premier
Las Vegas Karate School

What Set's Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center Apart?

Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center's offer a unique and effective blend of traditional values ​​and modern effective Martial Arts techniques that not only will develop you and / or your child as an individual, but also develop simple and highly useful self-defense skills, which are essential in today's world.

Additionally, our Las Vegas karate school offers a proven and effective method of training administered by our professional staff. There is a comfortable viewing area with full color monitors so that parents can observe the class.

The Las Vegas Karate Student

We want to introduce some of our family of students to you. Notice that we use the word family. We use this word because that is how we view our school and our students. In our family we have a combination of children, adolescents and adults at all different levels of skill and rank.

Everybody (even Master Sarac) started out as a white belt, excited, nervous and knowing very little or nothing about what we do. How did he (or anyone else for that matter) get to a high level of skill and competence? The answer is that he had a good Instructor and he had his more experienced brother and sister students.

We encourage this attitude of family with school parties for adults and children, Inner-School Tournaments, and many other events and activities.

Read and see more about our family of Las Vegas Karate Kids by CLICKING HERE

Your Las Vegas Karate Instructors

Grandmaster Allen Sarac prides himself in having personally trained each instructor which allows our dojo to maintain the highest quality style, philosophies, and teaching methods for all of our students. For more information on our Instructors CLICK HERE

Our Martial Arts Style

Teaching traditional values has always been a part of Professional Karate Centers. But the style of Song Moo Kwan has been elevated to allow for a better offering of Mixed Martial Arts. We are rich in history yet contemporary in our self defense style

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A Valuable Martial Arts Resource

As one of the world's few Song Moo Kwan Grand Masters, Allen Sarac has a wealth of information on Martial Arts. As this information is gathered and placed into our website, you may use it to better understand "The Ever Youthful House Of Martial Arts Training"

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For over 30 years men, women and children have been training and enjoying the martial arts by Grand Master Allen Sarac and his dedicated team at Professional Karate Centers. The art of karate, self defense, confidence, character, mannerisms, exercise and stress relief are just some of the benefits that over 6,000 students have been trained in.
Join us, you do not need any experience or to "get in shape" first. Just stop in and talk to us. Master Sarac, one of his students, or even a parent of one of our karate kids would love to answer your questions

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