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GHOK is a non-profit anti-Drug and abuse program designed to change the course of a child's life (age 5-18) from attempting or continuing the use of drugs and narcotics to a more responsible mindset that promotes mind, body, spirit and a healthy drug free life

Get High On Kicks, Not Drugs...

a division of the Nevada Youth Alliance whose goal is to provide

  • a unique Karate program that teaches self-discipline, education and the sanctity of the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • discourages the use of "Drugs" by identifying it as being unhealthy for the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • A special annual "Fun" Kick-a-Thon fund raiser is planned once a year to help pay for uniforms and equipment

The Key is Martial Arts

The GHOK program includes 6 week course of Martial Arts training to enhance mind, body and spirit. Classes meet two to three times per week with added seminars. The qualities of discipline, integrity, honor and respect taught as a Martial Artist serve as the backbone to this intensive program.

Included Seminars and Workshops

In addition to the 6 week Martial Arts Course, the GHOK program includes 4 major seminars and workshops. These learning centers work hand-in-hand with the lessons learned in the Martial Arts Class.

Anti-Drug and Tobacco

Class study on the effects of drugs in the body and why and what makes them addictive. Chemicals found in tobacco and drugs that are made from common household products to hazardous environmental waste.

The short and long term effects of drugs and tobacco, and treatments and counseling of users to kick the habit and return to a drug free environment

Anger Managerment

Class participation and seminar on relaxation techniques to control anger, communication skills of verbal judo to deflect conflicts, and how to turn an angry confrontation into a controlled situation

Anti Gang and Violence

Gang and violence awareness discussion and prevention taught and instructed by the Nevada Gang Task Force officers and or Temecula Gang Task Force

Anti Abduction Video and Workshop

Video from The Good Knight anti-abduction and mentoring, and in conjunction with Nevada Youth Alliance (Age depending).

The Nevada Youth Alliance engages in strategic marketing and implementation for youth and family related programs that fulfill the diverse needs of youth, families, community, businesses and organizations. More details at:

The Cost

The GHOK program is funded and will be at no cost to children in the Temecula, Marietta California, and Las Vegas - Henderson, Nevada area. A before and after survey for parents is the only requirement to participate in the program.

Please call 566-4662 or 592-5425 to set up lessons in Karate, kickboxing or boxing from a participating "Get High On Kicks... Not Drugs" affiliated school.

Number of students to participate: approximately 400

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