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Getting Her Black Belt
Taylor Bartoli

Taylor is Getting her Black Belt!  When Taylor Bartoli sent this letter to us at, the first sentence surprised me. It took Taylor 11 years to get this coveted belt tied around her waist.

The road to Black Belt is clearly written in the journals of Song Moo Kwan, Tao Kwon Do. Every student under the guidance of Master Allen Sarac knows exactly what to accomplish and when. Why would it take 11 years to get a promotion to black belt?

Life, life happens. Black Belt is a goal. Life has many goals. Sometimes things get in our way of reaching our goal. But those that learn to perservere and continue on their path achieve great success. With a lot of life's lessons thrown in. What really matters, is do you achieve your goals or do you give up?

It feels so much better, when you find a way to continue. Just read this letter from Taylor on getting her Black Belt!

"After 11 years I finally got my black belt!

Thank you to everyone that encouraged me to work harder it means a lot. I also couldn't do it without my master and all the instructors, thank you.

Master Sarac thank you for everything. Without you I wouldn't have my black belt. You pushed me to the limit to see if I could go farther..I tried my hardest. Thank you for giving me another chance.

Dad I don't know what to say but thank you for being there for me and encouraging me to work harder, it means a lot and without you I don't think I would be were I am today. Thank you for being my instructor and a great dad."

- Taylor Bartoli

It is true that good Instructors do make a difference in the success of the student.  But lets also look at the winning combination that Taylor has in her corner.

Parents that bring their children to classes and encourage them to succeed. That support them when things get tough.

And look at Taylor. She could have easily gave up - anytime. But she didn't. And that is what a black belt does - learns to never give up, no matter how long it takes. In karate, in life.

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