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Karate for Kids ages 4 and up

Karate for Kids ages 4-6 at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers in Las Vegas, NV

Karate for Kids at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers in Las Vegas and Henderson are perfect for Sara age 6, Katrina age 5, & Bella age 4

While many franchise karate schools have been springing up around town with various owners, one school in Nevada has been teaching Karate for kids for over 30 years.

Grand Master Allen Sarac, owner of Professional Karate Centers says,

"There was a time when only 'tough guys' took karate. But we soon learned the benefits of adding old world values to our art. Today, we use the natural good characteristics that martial arts endows us with to properly groom children to be better citizens as well as properly defending themselves"

The Martial Arts cannot just be about 'fighting'

Then he goes on to say...

"After all, you could turn the nicest kid you ever met into the Bully of the neighborhood without the proper training and value system instilled."

And that is one of the reasons why Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers is the most awarded karate school in the state.

Some of the Benefits Learned

Children learn best in an environment of their peers

The school breaks up all children classes by age and/or ability

Children ages 4-6 should be separate from other classes

Attention spans differ, child looking for approval, afraid of making mistakes, speed of learning - all these require separation of classes

Individual Attention

High ranking student instructors help out in classes with our children. These assistants can give individual practice where needed

Class designed for fun as well as learning

Karate for kids ages 4-6 are designed differently. Physical education becomes very important as training the body to perform well becomes a priority. This training is offered through fun games designed to accomplished martial art moves (go ahead, you're thinking 'wipe on - wipe off').

Classes for ages 4-6

The children classes are not as long as adult classes. But it's a well planned 45 minutes set to maximize attention span, learning curve, and physical requirements

Children are offered classes 3 times per week and an additional sparring class on Saturday. You can see the current class schedule here

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