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The Masters Book

The Masters Book of Tae Kwan Do Song Moo Kwan at

The Complete Requirements and Workbook For Those Aspiring Martial Artists in Tae Kwon Do Song Moo Kwan who want to be promoted from Probationary Black Belt to Master

The Master Book
Written by Grand Master Allen Sarac
Tae Kwon Do Song Moo Kwan

The Masters Book lists all the requirements needed for testing to get your Probationary Black Belt all the way to 5th Dan Master.

In addition to listing minimum classroom requirements, how many katas and one-steps needed, and tournament required, it also gives you a place to record your required steps through Black Belt.

Its more than a reference/workbook, it is your recorded diary through the Black Belt ranks.  And with the answers you provided to the included questions, it becomes a record of your transformation into a Black Belt Master

The Masters Book Begins with
General Requirements

Each belt level has two pages that include:

  • Required Community Service projects
  • Minimum attendance needed
  • Black Belt classes to attend
  • Tournament requirements
  • Weapons classes needed
  • Board of Examiner requirements
  • Required Katas, One-steps, and Assistance teaching minimums

Every requirement and verification is actually used in the belt rank promotions by Grand Master Allen Sarac, President of the International Song Moo Kwan Association 

The Masters Book Includes Logs to Record Your Requirements

The Masters Book has a complete rank belt verification page so that your master instructor can record your path to your next belt rank test. Following that, every belt level includes log-style worksheets so that you can keep a record of:

  • Your Volunteer Activities
  • Weapons classes attended
  • Tournaments attended & assisted
  • Testing board requirements met
  • Black Belt classes attended
  • Assisted teaching classes dates

The Masters Book Helps You Prepare For Your Next Belt Rank Test

Every Rank Belt Testing level has its own verbal or written requirements. The Masters Book has worksheets that allow you to record your answers in advance. Now you can better prepare and think about what you are doing

  • Written responses to interview questions
  • Place for notes for your required essay
  • Place to record your personal kata moves
  • Record your personal written one-steps
  • Dojo presentation project notes
  • Questions that will demonstrate your transition from beginner black belt to advanced black belt including critical thinking

The WorkBook That Works With Your Dojo Training

This workbook is a part of your equipment while training. Its a log of your learning progression. Its a memory book of your martial arts history. It presents logs and questions in a logical manner so you get the most out of your black belt training.

Most Importantly - It will show you where you started....
and where you've progressed to.

Its the History of Tae Kwon Do Song Moo Kwan

Your History

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