Karate Master Allen Sarac Demonstrates Palm Smash

Allen Sarac, Quick Biography of a Martial Artist

Getting Started In TaeKwonDo Song Moo Kwan

Allen Sarac was born in Akron Ohio in 1961

  • Started training in Tae Kwon Do Song Moo Kwan under Master Chaney in Canton Ohio at age 8
  • At 16 yrs old trained in judo from the Canton police dept (3 yrs)
  • At 17 yrs of age opened first studio
  • At 17 trained in Kung Fu under Master Frank Morris
  • At 19 yrs of age has over 125 trophies and medals
  • 4 times National AAU champion
  • East coast Grand Champion
  • 1st place sparring at the Battle of Atlanta (one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country)
  • Ohio State Champion
  • Pennsylvania State champion
  • Idaho State Champion
  • Started Martial Arts classes and judo clubs in Massillon Ohio at local YMCA and Boys and Girls clubs at age 19
  • At 23 yrs old Moved to Las Vegas Nevada to open studios and train again under Master Bob Chaney
  • At 27 yrs of age received his Masters degree in Karate
  • At 28 yrs of age was a member of the World Champion Karate team in Oslo Norway, becoming a World Champion in 1998
  • At 29 yrs of age owned 4 of the top studios in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada, turning over 3 of these schools to his students
  • At 31 yrs of age Master Sarac was inducted into the International Karate Hall of Fame
  • At 32 yrs old received 6th Degree Black belt
  • At 41 yrs old received 7th Degree Black belt
  • At 55 yrs old received his present rank of 8th Degree Black Belt

  • Master Allen Sarac Teachings
    Continue Outside His School

    At 32 yrs of age founded a non profit Martial Arts program “GET HIGH ON KICKS… NOT DRUGS! To help inner city children, and children at “high risks” to be safe from drugs and gangs

    At present Master Sarac (8th Degree Black belt) His Martial Arts program is being taught in over a dozen Elementary and Junior high schools in Nevada

    Master Sarac is one of the founding members of the Las Vegas Community Gang task force

    Master Sarac presently teaches children the pitfalls and consequences of tobacco and drugs and gang life to children to help keep them safe and off the streets

    At 34 yrs of age Master Sarac put together a team of certified Martial Arts Black belts and Masters to train for a Elite Body Guarding company to protect celebrities and high rollers who come to Vegas to play high stakes or to perform in the luxurious hotels and casinos.

    Some of the celebs who Master Sarac has worked for include Bill Gates, Bill Cosby, Pat Benitar, Cher, Sly Stallone, Triple H and many others.

    Other Las Vegas jobs include Motion Picture acting filmed in Las Vegas (Sword of Honor), and stunt work and fight coordinator.

    Other Awards and Accomplishments

    Other awards and accomplishments presented to Allen Sarac include:

    • Congressional Certificate of Congratulations for the work of keeping kids off drugs by United States Congressman Jon Porter in 2005
    • Senatorial Recognition from United States Senator John Ensign
    • Proclamation from James Gibson Mayor of Henderson and a proclamation from Boulder City Mayor Robert S. Ferraro proclaiming June 27th as Get High on Kicks, Not drugs day
    • The American Institute for Public Service awarded “The Jefferson Award” to Allen Sarac in 2001

    Grand Master of TaeKwonDo Song Moo Kwan

    Grand Master Sarac has trained over 6,000 children and Adults in his Martial Art Studios in the Las Vegas and Henderson area at present

    Grand Master Sarac, age 59, teaches students living in Las Vegas and Henderson, as well as those from across the country wanting to open their own school and can be reached at 702-798-5425

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