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And The Hardest Part of Taking The Black Belt Test Is...

by Nicholas Seibold
(Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers)

The day I passed my blackbelt test!

The day I passed my blackbelt test!

I started karate when I was five years old and always knew that I wanted to be a black belt. Now, that I have achieved my black belt, my next goal is to achieve my second degree black belt. The thing I really enjoy about karate is teaching the lower belts and showing them the proper techniques, respect, honor, and discipline.

This message is directed to those who are about to take the black belt test. In order to pass your black belt test, and receive your black belt, you need to have a certain number of weapons and other requirements.

First off is endurance. The black belt test is very taxing and about how long you can keep on going. You will need to practice endurance (I recommend running pacers) in order to successfully go through the test, and still be able to continue on.

You will have to use all of your power on basics, one-steps, katas, weapons, and sparring; so endurance will be very important!

Another thing I absolutely recommend that you practice is sparring. Sparring is perhaps the most tiresome part of the black belt test.

Go to sparring classes as often as possible prior to the test. You will need to get used to rough sparring and practice on your combinations and set-ups. Be prepared to take people down as quickly as possible to conserve your energy for surviving the next round.

Also, you need to know at least 5 weapons katas; make sure you practice them often. I also recommend that you know at least five weapons katas, and a backup, in case you fail one weapon kata.

When I took my black belt test, the hardest thing to do, yet the most rewarding, was to keep going. Towards the end of my test, I felt like giving up. But, I kept my resolution strong and kept on testing which allowed me to get through the test and achieve the black belt.

You can do it too!

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