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Here's a Secret Belt Testing Tip
Campaign Yourself!

Here's a karate belt testing tip you won't come across often. Most testing tips give you specifics on practicing for your test. This belt testing tip is about behavior prior to your test. Early  Black Belt Testing Board

Early Testing Board with Masters Allen Sarac and Robert Chaney

Would They Vote For You?

My Secret Belt Testing Tip

By Jason A. Gordon, 2nd Dan Black Belt

Many Black Belts and Instructors will tell you how to prepare yourself for your test.  I'm going to let you in on a secret...

I'm going to tell you how to get the Black Belts and Instructors that grade your test thinking you would make an excellent Black Belt before you even show up: Campaign yourself!

Just like people running for office, you want to get people to vote for you.  In this case, you want the votes of the Senior Black Belts and especially Master Sarac.  And the way you get those votes is to act like you're already there. You have to "fake it until you make it."

You have been hearing Instructors and other Black Belts tell you how Black Belts work the hardest in class, how they set the example for other students with their behavior and mannerism and how they are the “big brothers” and “big sisters” in the dojo family since you started.

Now is the time to put that to use and show everyone that you are ready to graduate to Black Belt.

Start Today, Show you're ready

To do this, make sure you:

  • Attend all your assigned teaching classes, Black Belt Classes, sparring classes
  • Participate in any events you can, such as tournaments, seminars and charity functions
  • Every time you enter the dojo, bow to Master Sarac and any of the other Black Belts you meet and bow to them when you leave
  • In class, try to have the best and most powerful technique and the loudest kiais, answer up loud and clear whenever you are called on and when a high rank asks you to come to them or go somewhere, answer up loud and hustle to get there

You must do this all the time, even when you've had a bad day or you’re tired. Make sure you are always on your best behavior in and out of class.

Get Noticed Before Testing!

Campaigning yourself will get you noticed by Master Sarac and by the Senior Black Belts.  It puts points on your test form before the test even starts and it lets us know you have the attitude necessary to be a Song Moo Kwan Black Belt.

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