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Great Instructor and long time friend

by Calvin Gribble
(Detroit Michigan)

My name is Calvin Gribble, 4th Degree Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do from Detroit, Michigan. As a teen, I fought in the Michigan/Ohio area. In the ’70s, at a Cleveland Ohio tournament, I first met another Teen Black Belt, Allen Sarac from a Bob Chaney studio. He was very impressive.

I remember he stacked blocks of ice and shattered them with his hands and then head. Wow, it was very amazing!

For someone so young he was a very complete Martial Artists. He also competed in and excelled in forms, fighting, and weapons. Martial Artist of that era were tough and true to the art. It was a different time then… sometimes no headgear or no gloves, or even no pads at all.

The average Martial Artist trained at least 2 hours per day. That was considered the Bruce Lee era. There was a Martial Arts School on every block and competition was fierce. As a National Competitor, I enjoyed training and competing against Allen Sarac. Now its 2019 and we are still in touch and work out together when we can. He is still a great fighter and an awesome mentor in the Martial Arts business world. I have learned so much and I’m still learning about the Martial Arts business today from Allen Sarac.

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