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Hard work defiantly pays off in the long run.

by Brianna Zelaya
(Las Vegas)

6 years of hard work finally paid off. This one goes to Mr. Murphy.

6 years of hard work finally paid off. This one goes to Mr. Murphy.

For those who don't know Mr. Murphy, he was one of my karate instructors who passed away not too long ago. Master Sarac told me when I received my black, that Mr. Murphy and I are the only people he knows that fall off their high horse and get right back on. We found out that no matter what, we were determined to receive our black belts no matter how long it took us.

In honor of his memory, I pushed myself to work harder and strive for my black belt. No matter how many times I wanted to give up I always reminded myself I had a goal to reach and I wouldn't give up. Once I start something, I can't be a quitter.

My black belt is dedicated to Mr. Murphy and forever he'll be remembered.

I wish he was still here to see me achieve such an accomplishment and show others that we're people who get back on their horse after they fall off!

From the Editor:
Brianna, life's toughest lesson is overcoming adversity. You have certainly shown what it takes to persevere and become successful. Other students should know and understand that what you did was nothing short of remarkable.. it was too easy to quit - but you didn't.

This Black Belt that you have earned today, will always have a very special meaning to you. Congratulations!

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