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It's Not Just the Title but the Honor That Comes With It.

by Brianna Zelaya
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Being in karate changed me by self discipline, honor, courage, respect, and gratitude. Just because you have a 'Black Belt' doesn't mean you're done with karate or you're the best. Everyday you learn new things that takes practice on mastering. No one is perfect and practice only makes you better. If you really want something you can't expect it to just be handed to you, you have to earn it and work hard. I've learned that being in karate you have not only new friends, but a new family. We help each other, work hard, and still have fun doing it. People will come and go but karate will always be there when you need it and it isn't going anywhere. If you work hard, you'll achieve greater than what you expected.

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Melyssa Correa -Diaz

Brianna you don't just want a black belt but the honor with it.

Nov 14, 2011
You have a awesome spirit!
by: Melyssa Correa -Diaz

That is true!

Nov 10, 2011
by: Stephany Correa-Diaz

Keep doing your best Brianna.Like what Thomas Edison said Success is 1% inspiration; 99% perspiration. You are never perfect.

Nov 09, 2011
Well said
by: Master Sarac

Very well put Brianna, you are becoming the Black Belt that I knew and hoped you would!
I'm very proud of your hard work and years of training.
Master Allen Sarac

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