YES We Are Open! You Protection from Covid-19 Here

Karate School Reopens June 1 with Covid-19 Rules

Karate school reopens June 1 with covid-19 classroom enhancements.

Welcome Back! We have missed you. It's time to shake off the corona-confinement blues and kick off a plan to renew your energy, drive and determination to win this war on covid-19. It all starts with a simple step, getting back into class.

You'll notice some changes to our karate class structure. But that's okay, continue reading to see how careful planning will get you safely out of the house, into physical conditioning, and prepare you for your next belt exam.

Karate Classes Are Back!

We're Ready To Restart Your Training!

  • It's Time to Get Back To Training
  • Get in Shape
  • Get Back in Touch with Your Friends
  • Continue Building Towards Your Goals
  • Have fun!

New Student or Returning after a longer absence? Call 702-798-5425 and get $150 off a New Student Lesson Plan AND a FREE Uniform!

Our Karate School Reopens with These Covid-19 Enhancements

Here's What We Are Doing To Protect You:

Cleaning Our Martial Arts Facility

We have our facility cleaned between each class and every night after classes. This includes disinfection of all contact surfaces including, but not limited to, all bathroom surfaces, our floors, mats, water and soda machines, door handles counter tops and shared use equipment.

Plus we will be installing ultra-violet lights to disinfect each room as they now do in hospitals.

Taking Temperatures Upon Entering Our Martial Arts School

We are setting up non-invasive temperature testing for all who enter our school.

Parents will be limited to the waiting room on a first come first seat basis. Our front office staff is doing additional wipe downs of the surfaces in the lobby including front door and all parent seating

Wearing Masks In The Karate School

We are making mask mandatory when inside the dojo, for all instructors, students will not be required to wear masks but we would highly recommend it for the protection of others. Please purchase a reusable mask that can be rewashed and cleaned daily, the karate school will have reusable mask for purchase.

Hand-washing and Sanitizer for Karate Instructors and Students

Our instructors are also diligent about using hand sanitizer often and washing their hands between classes. We are trying to teach our students without actually touching their hands or faces. This is not much different from our normal method of instruction but just serves as a reminder that we need to be more vigilant, right now. As you all know, the martial arts are contact sports and in the short term we will be limiting physical contact. We work with partners and we can’t avoid contact all together, but we will limit contact to just with instructors that have been tested and cleared.

Social Distancing Practices During the Karate School Reopening Period

You've seen the photo at the top of this section. You'll notice inside the karate school we've marked off floor placement squares to help us maintain a 6-1/2 foot distance between students while training. We are changing up some of our training to accommodate the karate school reopening at this time.

To the new and existing students of Professional Karate Center:

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Additional Steps You and/or Parents Can Take

Simple Steps,
    Staying Safe

We would like to remind our adult students to try not to touch your face and then work with another student.

We recommend you wash your hands before and after class. Parents, it would be helpful if you teach these guidelines to your children as well. As parents we know, we always instructed our children to go wash their hands before coming over to the food table. This is likely more important than ever, now. So, please help us out by reminding your children to do this before and after classes.

We highly recommend that you wipe down your sparring gear after every time you use it. At this time we will not be participating in Saturday sparring classes but will be using the heavy bags and punching shields during class. You are welcome to use our Clorox wipes, but a simple disinfectant solution at home is probably best.

If any student has a runny nose, sore throat or cough, we respectfully ask that you stay out of classes. We hope you already know that a fever means you need rest, not workouts. Asking you to stay out of classes is counter intuitive for us. We do our best to get you into class as often as possible. But right now, the best thing for all of us is to respect our community.

We are doing everything we can to make our Karate School reopening a success during this period. If we help keep each other well, we will get past this Cold and Flu season with success and will return to less vigilant germ watching!

You can learn more about this Nevada covid-19 reopening phase 2 by reading this article

Covid-19 protocols will still be in effect for the next 45-60 days

We've Missed YOU. See You Soon!

Our Karate School Reopens June 1, 2020

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