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Karate Girl age 9
Malaika Gives her Fighting Tips

Our karate girl age 9, shares a fighting tip with you. We love it when our students step up and share their stories and help others. So, in her own words, meet another Professional Karate Center's karate girl.

Hello, My name is Malaika. I am 9 years old and have practiced karate under Master Sarac since kindergarden. I have earned my brown belt and love to practice with weapons (Bo staff and Sai).

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A Karate Girl's fighting tip for age 9 or any age!

Tonight in karate class I learned that I shouldn't move backwards when sparing, because the other guy will just keep coming. So instead I should step sideways and block or step forward so that the kick can't make contact.

But Karate Skills Go Beyond the Dojo

On Sundays and Tuesdays I play ice hockey against 11 and 12 year old boys. They are bigger, faster and stronger then me, but they don't scare me. I can block anything they throw at me using my karate skills.  What great pictures! And you have got to admit, its not just the martial arts skills this karate girl brings to the game... its the confidence!

For over 30 years we've heard stories from our students about how they've been able to use their martial arts training in other areas of school and sports. We have got to thank Malaika, our karate girl age 9, for sharing her story with you.

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We're in your corner Malaika, cheering you on!

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