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The Stone Cutter
A Karate Story
Searching for Power

as Retold by Grand Master Allen Sarac

Once Upon a Time...

... there was a stone cutter. His job was breaking, cutting and chiseling large boulders.

The stone cutter lived in a land where a life of privilege meant being powerful. Looking at his life he decided that he was unsatisfied with the way things were and so he set out to become the most powerful thing in the land.

What is it to be Powerful?

Looking around his land he wondered to himself what is it to be powerful. Looking up he saw the Sun shining down on all the land. "The Sun must be the most powerful thing that there is, for it shines down on all things, and all things grow from it's touch." So he became the Sun

Becoming More Powerful

Days later, as his power shone down on the inhabitants of the land, there came a cloud which passed beneath him obstructing his brilliance. Frustrated he realized that the Sun was not the most powerful thing in the land if a simple cloud could interrupt his greatness.

So he became a cloud, in fact, he became the most powerful storm that the world had ever seen

And so he blew his rain and lightning, and sounded loud thunder all over the land, demonstrating that he was the most powerful.

... Until one day he came across a boulder...

Down and down the rains poured and his thunder roared. His lightning flashed and filled the sky, striking the ground near the boulder.

His winds blew and blew and blew, and yet, despite all his efforts, he could not budge the boulder.

Frustrated again, he realized that the storm was not the most powerful thing in the land, rather it must be the boulder.

So he became the boulder

For days he sat, unmovable, and impassive, demonstrating his power, until one day, a stone cutter came and chiseled him to bits.

The Moral of the Story:

Sometimes the most important thing to remember is that you have everything you need already, right inside of you. Power is an illusion.

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