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The Karate SideKick
3 Tips to Improve Yours

The Karate SideKick Is An Effective Tool In Your Self Defense Arsenal

The Karate SideKick is a fundamental move practiced by the effective martial artist.  Students at Allen Sarac’s Professional Karate Centers in Las Vegas Nevada went over kicking techniques in class.  Today, we'll review the Side Kick.

Don't Underestimate Step #1

All classes started with an understanding of the importance of stretching and positioning for a sidekick. (Step #1)

When you are kicking it is imperative to have a proper and balanced stance in order to perfectly aim at your target. It allows your body to become more effective in applying the most amount of force towards your target.

Add Side-Kicking Step #2,  Technique

The mini ninjas were able to accomplish this today by learning foot coordination techniques in order to learn how to properly do a step behind sidekick.

The adult class also practiced kicking techniques with step behind side kick drills added to their workout. These techniques will help to not only enhance the kicks of our students at the Professional Karate center, but to also strengthen their legs, improve their flexibility as well as providing an exhausting class in cardio.

Karate Fitness Tip

Here's a fun way to increase your stamina while learning. Grab a partner and see how many step behind sidekicks that you can do in under two minutes. Then change places and count for your partner. Don't forget, watch body position, knee and foot position, and thrust so you can help your partner improve.

Remember These 3 Tips to Improve Your Karate SideKick

Three of the most important technique and drills  to remember while sidekicking is:

  1. The higher you kick the more you have to pivot on your balancing foot
  2. Kick with the lower blade to the heel of your foot
  3. Make sure your hip, leg and heel is in alignment before side kicking

And remember to practice 

A Final Note About The Karate Sidekick

I hope you find these suggestions and the 3 tips to improve your karate sidekick helpful. But please remember, practice these slow and precise because practice doesn't make perfect...  perfect practice makes perfect!

-GrandMaster Allen Sarac

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