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Martial Arts Instructor
Jason Gordon

Martial Arts Instructor Jason Gordon (and a Las Vegas Attorney) has been studying Karate at Allen Sarac’s Professional Karate Centers for over 25 years. That’s right, Mr. Gordon began taking classes when he was 14 years old and has been at the school ever since.

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Why Take Karate?

Why enroll in karate classes at age 14? Mr. Gordon was having trouble with bullies at school. His parents were more concerned with Jason’s temper and discipline.  Enrolling at Professional Karate Centers gave Jason the skills and confidence needed to not only defend himself but to teach the Martial Arts as well.  And as for his parent’s concerns?  Who knew one day that 14 year old would grow up to be an attorney?

While continuing his training from Grand Master Allen Sarac, Mr. Gordon is a 2nd Dan Black Belt; he also has been a full time Instructor and an Assistant Instructor. He has taught all ranks and ages. When asked what does he try to show new students, Mr. Gordon replies with: “I want to show new students that they don’t have to be a talented athlete to be a good martial artist. Practice and skill are what count!”

Lessons Learned in Karate

When asked what major karate lesson he has gained from Professional Karate Center classes, this martial arts instructor/attorney responded with: “The ability to stick to a goal and achieve it, even when you do not succeed at first.”

Martial Artist, Attorney, Instructor and Mr. Gordon works with the Charity Organization ‘Get High on Kicks, Not Drugs’, nationally recognized and founded by Allen Sarac’s Professional Karate Centers.

Which part of karate does Mr. Gordon like?  One-steps and self defense.  As he says, it’s the stuff that will save your life!

Advice for Potential Karate Students

Are you thinking about taking karate at Nevada’s most recognized and awarded school? Here is some final advice from Mr. Jason Gordon, 2nd Dan Black Belt: “To go ahead and absolutely try it. I know of no person that hasn’t benefited in some way from training here at Professional Karate Centers!”

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