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Martial Arts Instructor
John Arfuso

20+ Years Experience, 2nd Dan Black Belt, Teacher

When You Love Something So Much,
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Martial Arts Instructor John Arfuso (we’ll leave the age off but let’s just say he isn’t a kid anymore) wanted three things when he began his karate lessons.

  • He wanted to get in shape and be fit
  • He wanted to learn self-defense
  • He wanted to incorporate better discipline of the mind

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Although Mr. Arfuso feels that he has accomplished much since beginning classes he says, “The primary benefit I have gained is discipline. There are many benefits I have gained in addition to this. However, mental discipline is easily the most significant.”

What part of karate does John enjoy most?

Karate Basics.  “It is the basis and foundation of everything we do. I focus on basics for the trickle down effect, influencing everything else we do”, says Mr. Arfuso

Where does John excel in helping new students?

Mr. Arfuso is a Clark County school teacher.  This gives John a better perspective on patience and diligence in his teaching style.  So as Mr. Arfuso says, “I believe I connect well with students. I am able to draw a connection and turn it into a learning opportunity.  Also, the more that students trust me, the more I can teach them.”


Being involved with kids in DECA, FBLA, AHA, AOE, Skills USA, BSA and the first Robotics Challenge, what advice does this martial arts instructor give to new students?
Without a doubt, John says to enjoy yourself and have fun. Allen Sarac’s Professional Karate Centers is a great school with a terrific curriculum. The speed, discipline, power and technique will come to you with time.

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