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More Karate Black Belt Testing Tips by Black Belts

We asked for even more Karate Black Belt Testing Tips from your upperclassmen who have either recently taken their black belt test or help score them. Here is some of their advise to help you, our future Black Belts succeed!

Testing's Most Important Key Factor

By Hunter M.

Determination was the most important factor in preparing for my Black Belt test. My training started when I turned five years old; and I’ve been focused on this goal for the last eight years. During this journey, it was important to attend my weekly classes in order to learn new techniques, as well as, practice techniques previously learned.

The Black Belt test is long, and requires demonstrating respect, discipline, focus, technique accuracy, and endurance.

In order to make it through your basics, one-steps, katas, sparring, and weapons tests, you must build up your stamina months in advance by staying very active in your day to day life. In addition to being active daily, I swam a lot. It was a great way to build up my stamina in preparation for my Black Belt test.

You need to include drinking lots of water, so you stay well hydrated. Don’t eat a heavy breakfast on test day, but one that is high in protein that will sustain you during testing.

Here are even more karate black belt testing tips:

For the weapons part of the test, you are required to know four katas. It’s to your benefit to know and perform five weapon katas; that way, if you mess up one, your extra kata may end up saving you from failing.  I made sure I knew five weapon katas, so if I failed one, the extra one would hopefully save me.

In sparring, it’s very important to kiai loudly, so you won’t get the wind knocked out of you. When you are told to take someone down, get in there and get it done, don’t wait. Make sure you are in control of your punches while sparring.

Katas are judged on your form, stances and power. I made sure that my punches and stances were strong and accurate when I punched and kicked, as well as, hearing my gi pop. The hardest thing for me was staying focused; this is a constant struggle for me. I feel the most promising thing that I accomplished in preparing for my Black Belt test was building up my endurance and staying focused.

3 Quick Tips To Help Pass Belt Testing

By Jacob Ramirez

If you want to pass the black belt test then follow these simple steps

  1. Put your hands together and place them behind your head when your tired and breath in though your nose out your mouth, this will help you breath better
  2. When your sparing always keep your hands up and show the black belts all your moves and technics
  3. Always be loud at yes sirs and try to be good.  And remember to do your best.

Sparring During Black Belt Testing

By Nicole Koutsoumbas

To get ready for the official black belt test you need to prepare yourself a lot. You need to practice in class as if it were your actual black belt test. You need to have power and focus one-hundred percent on the test. Below are even more karate black belt testing tips:

In sparring you have to make sure you focus and have a lot of power. Make sure you know what combination what you are going to do and have at least two set-ups to trick your opponent.

The hardest, but most promising thing I did on my black belt test to get ready is work on my take downs in sparring during two on one. This was a challenge for me to do, but it really paid off on my black belt test.

On the weapon katas you originally need four weapons, but you should have another weapon just in case you mess up on another weapon kata. So, in total you should have five weapons. Always make sure you have accuracy and power on the weapons also.

On the actual katas you need to have accuracy, power, and loud kiais. During basics you should pace yourself because basics are going to be going on in the test for a long time. However, you should still have a lot of power in basics.  Based on the advice above, to get for the official black belt test you need to prepare yourself a lot.

And keep reading for advise and more karate black belt testing tips.

Black Belt Testing Requires Endurance

By JC Castro

Endurance: a key componet for becoming a black Belt.  Because the test is so long and grueling, you need to have stamina.  You can't simulate the black belt test in the practices that we have, but if you go as hard as possible during practices it will help.  You should be winded when we do basics, katas, one steps and weopons.  Remember to also stay focused especially when you are winded.  Running, swimming, or any other endurance exercises help also.

Here are a few more karate black belt testing tips:

Katas: Focus on doing the little things correctly. Work on one part of the Kata, each time we do them, to make that part of the Kata right, then do another part to make that right.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.

One-Steps: Pretend that you are auditioning for a movie against everyone at the Do-Jo.  You want to be noticed ahead of everybody else.  This means all punches, kicks, and kias must be strong at all times. Make the One-Step correct by asking questions to our black belt instructors.

Weapons: Becausse weapons are not part of our normal practices, you need to practice them at home.  At least three times a week for 10 to 15 minuets, practice your weapons.  Most important, get with a black belt who knows that weapon well, and see if you are doing it correctly.

Sparring: Practice your technique even if you have to slow yourself down.  Do not be afraid of looking bad or getting hit when you practice technique.  Stay with one technique until you know it well, than go to a different one.  Always ask at least one question when it comes to sparring.

Keep Reading! Continue to get even more karate black belt testing tips from our students...

By Patrick Conroy

  When you are going to test for your black belt there are some things that you need to do if you want to make it through your test. The first thing you need to have is the endurance to make it through the tiring test.

You can practice your endurance by working as hard as you can in class to simulate testing which will create a better endurance for you. This is Why you should never slack off in class so always work your very hardest.

Also, frequently practice your weapons. Weapons katas are what people struggle on the most during their test. And if you have questions on a kata then ask about them if you make mistakes it is better to correct them before the test. Also if you practice your weapons often then you probably will not make mistakes. So my advice if you are going to test for your black belt work hard in class and practice your weapons.

More Karate Black Belt Testing Tips...

By Levi Winston 2nd Dan

And even more karate black belt testing tips from one of our Head Instructors:

To those of you looking at taking your black belt test in the near future, don't be afraid to ask questions.  Explore and learn as much as you can, your instructors will give you so much during the class, but also take initiative to increase your own knowledge on your own time.

Please remember to practice your weapons katas, this is the category that we see the most trouble with, every weapon you know should be practiced at least once a week. If you have a question on one of your weapons please ask.  Good luck to you all

Overcoming Obstacles

By Collin Swords

Dear future black belts, I have with me today more karate black belt testing tips on your journey to becoming a black belt. The first thing is build up your endurance. The most challenging part, for me, was enduring five hours of testing!

Also, practicing your weapons EVERY day is a must. I know this from experience, one of my friends in karate received three month probation for not doing his/her weapons correctly, so take my advice and practice, practice, practice!

"I'm sick.”I can't do it" Are just some, of the MANY excuses I hear on a day to day basis. Let me give you an example. Two days before the black belt test, my doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis. I even told my family that I thought I could not do it. But then, with my family’s encouragement and support, I realized "I can do this!"  So I proceeded the following day into the dojo, took my test, and to my surprise I only coughed once!!

 So I don't want to hear I can't do it. You can do it! And remember, practice your weapons, build up your endurance and I hope I see you as a black belt soon!!

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