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My Tips On Taking The Black Belt Test

by Kenny Do
(Las Vegas, NV, USA) student testing for belt promotion student testing for belt promotion

You've waited, prepared, and now it's time. Let Kenny Do Tell you about his experience and tips on taking the Black Belt Test at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers in Las Vegas...

Getting ready for the black belt test was both a mental and physical challenge. For endurance, I think the student should practice running and jumping. The test requires more energy than your regular class. This is no time to be a couch potato.

The advice for sparring is to study and concentrate on new combinations and make sure to practice two on one because that is one of the most challenging parts. Do not attack both at one time, pick one and deal with that person first.

Make sure you know all 5 of your weapons and practice enough, so it will come naturally. Any student who knows nunchaku should practice the swing, so you can have a flowing motion. For the katas, make sure to know what each move means.

Now you need to keep your mind focused to prepare for the test.

The hardest thing I did to prepare for the test was handling being nervous of my abilities to achieve my black belt. This is the hardest thing to do because I would try not to think about the black belt test and have the anticipation of either failing or not taking the test at all. So finding what works for you to mentally prepare to reduce your nervousness is the other piece of advice I have for you.

Everything that you prepared for is the promise to be a black belt. This test is just the next step in that journey, and you will succeed... which is the ultimate reward!

Thanks Kenny! If you have any Tips on taking the black belt test send them to us. We are collecting them for a new website page to help your fellow martial artists. Thank you.

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