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Nikola Tunguz Black Belt Assistant at age 14

by Nikola Tunguz Black Belt age 14
(Las Vegas)

Nikola Tunguz age 14 with GrandMaster Allen Sarac

Nikola Tunguz age 14 with GrandMaster Allen Sarac

You Can Become A Black Belt Through Repetition and Time.

As a black belt, I have had many experiences with helping teach lower rank students over a large time period. And over time, I also have gained a multitude of things while I helped to instruct other martial art students. I learned all our techniques in greater detail as I went over them many times with lower ranks in short periods of time as an Assistant to The Instructor.

Repetition Can Be Good

Through this tedious repetition, I learned to be more patient and to be more willing to do many different types of things. This has led me to be more open to different types of offers and opportunities, and this also leads me to be more confident about my abilities.

We Improve When We Help Others Improve

Continuously watching and finding problems in other students has made me self-conscious about how I perform my techniques, making me realize how much I still need to improve.

Over time, my techniques have gotten better as a result of helping other students learn and get better themselves. Assisting in teaching students has furthered me as a martial artist and as a person.

editors note: While posting this article I highlighted several key words used by Nikola. After all, aren't these qualities you'd like to gain from the study of the Martial Arts?

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