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Owen Relojo, Assistant to the Instructor

by Owen Relojo
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Congratulations! Owen's Black Belt Exam

Congratulations! Owen's Black Belt Exam

Today I'm an Assistant to the Instructor. My Road to Black Belt began in California

I started training in California, which is why I decided to start training at this school to continue my journey in martial arts. When I started, I remember on the first day of training that I would try to do the best I can. Now that I have gone so far in this school, I would say that I recommend Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center martial arts school because they teach many things through hard, but really fun training. I gladly enjoy the weapons you are able to learn, and the tournaments that take place which awards the winners with trophies.

The Importance of Becoming an Assistant to The Instructor

My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the students learning more or improving more than they were at the beginning of the class. On the other hand, teaching thought me how to find and fix, not just the students' mistakes, but also my mistakes.

During classes, I learned how to have discipline by listening to what the instructor says, and have great patience.

Lastly, one funny moment that I experienced was during a sparring tournament. I was in the middle of a match, and I was thinking how to get the upper hand. Then I thought of intimidating my opponent with a ke-i, or a yell. And when the opponent was about to make his next move, I yelled, and it actually made him freeze for just a second, letting me slip a point for my team.

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