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Passing The Black Belt Test at age 9

by Katelyn Miller
(Las Vegas,NV.Professional Karate Center)

My name is Katelyn Miller

I am the youngest black belt in class right now ,I am 9 years old. I started karate when I was 3 years old.

when I saw the black belts I thought I would never be one because they were so big and older... but that didn't stop me. I decided to keep working hard and see what I would be like.

During testing I am usually the smallest, that used to make me nervous . I knew black belt testing would last 5 or 6 hours ,I kept wondering would I pass or not. Some things that helped me were that I had to keep focus and just do my best.

I knew my instructors taught me everything I needed to know. I had to just trust myself.

When sparring came it was the hardest part of my test because I was so tired. I got over that by refocusing and thinking it is nearly over, that my parents and instructors believed in me, that I would pass, and that gave me confidence !

Good luck to all the future black belts ,work hard and believe in yourself !

Thank you Master Sarac and all my instructors for helping me earn my black belt!!

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