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How Our Martial Arts Philosophy Has Developed Over 30+ Years

Grand Master Allen Sarac of Las Vegas NevadaGrand Master Allen Sarac
Supreme Grand Master Bung jik Ro 1944Supreme Grand Master Ro in 1944

Our Martial Arts Philosophy. This is a big word, but we use it here to represent how we think about the Martial Arts.

In other words, here you will find information on our beliefs and values, our teaching methods and the overall approach we will take when you join our family of students

Our Mission Statement about our Children

To work with children by providing a safe environment that promotes leadership, character and health while emphasizing social, cultural and educational growth in becoming responsible citizens and future leaders

Our Goals

  • To provide a save environment for children
  • To promote health, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Provide free anti-drug/alcohol/violence awareness workshops
  • To incorporate our program into the public school systems
  • To set up mentoring programs in our communities
  • To work with the juvenile justice system
  • Open learning centers

Our mission statement about our children is at the heart and core of our Martial Arts Philosophy

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At Professional Karate Centers, we maintain a professional attitude about what we teach and how we teach. We have detailed and specific programs laid out for all ages and levels of experience. We do not require our students to learn the Chinese or Japanese language.

Our program is time proven to introduce the Martial Arts to our students at a steady progression so that they can learn quickly and as well as possible. Students are not allowed to advance in rank or be introduced to more complex learning until Master Sarac is certain that they are ready and able to do so.

We do not teach violence, but self-discipline. While our students learn the skills of self-defense to an extremely high degree, we do not teach them to use their abilities for violence or intimidation, but only when necessary to protect themselves!

Family Philosophy

Notice that we use the word family. We use this word because that is how we view our school and our students. In our family we have a combination of children, adolescents and adult at all different levels of skill and rank.

Everybody (even Master Sarac) started out as a white belt, excited, nervous and knowing very little or nothing about what we do. How did he (or anyone else for that matter) get to a high level of skill and competence? The answer is that he had a good Instructor and he had his more experienced brother and sister students.

All of our more experienced students, as a part of their own learning process, are happy to help those who are not as far along as they are. This helps new students get a grasp on the basics by providing them with someone they can relate to well and helps those teaching by having to rethink what they already have learned so that they can pass it on.

We encourage this attitude of family with school parties for adults and children, Inner-School Tournaments, and many other events and activities

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Courtesy Philosophy

It is tradition that "Karate begins and ends with Courtesy."

In our modern, fast paced world, courtesy and basic manners have, in many places, been ignored or left behind. At Professional Karate Centers, we believe that manners are at the heart of being a good person and citizen. We do not have complicated ceremonies or rituals. One only needs to learn how and when they should show respect.

We teach our students to say "Yes, Sir and Yes Ma'am," how to open doors for others and how to excuse themselves when they bump into someone. Especially in children, we encourage our students to show respect and courtesy at school and in all parts of their daily lives

After all, don't you agree that a more impactful martial arts philosophy should be based not only on fighting skills but life skills as well? Many parents tell us that this is one of the more noticeable changes they see in their children

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Confidence Philosophy

One of the most fundamental goals at Professional Karate Centers is building confidence in our students. We encourage a positive attitude and reinforce it by making sure that our students know that they are progressing. Through our regular testing schedule for belt rank, students know what is expected of them and also know that if they are not ready, we will postpone their testing until they are.

Our Martial Arts Philosophy is based on positive training and positive results. We do not believe in setting our students up to fail or giving negative feedback. Rather, we introduce new challenges to our students when they are ready to meet them while at the same time using our proven training method to ensure that readiness

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