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Starting Karate at age 3! Noah Gershman (black belt, student)

by Noah Gershman
(Las Vegas,NV,USA)

Transferring to a New Martial Arts School may seem daunting, especially for a young child. But read on, here's a note from Noah that not only proves you can do it - but do it well!

from Noah...

I started karate when I was 3 years old!!! I came to Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center dojo when I was 7.

When I first came to this dojo, most of my friends and I came from First Step Karate, the owner is one of Master Sarac's long time students. Today, most of us are black belts.

Day in and day out, I always have a great time in this dojo!!! It took me 8 years to get mt black belt, how long will it take you? If you or your child want a true black belt, this is the best place to be!!!!

Thanks for those nice words Noah. Even more so, thanks for sharing your experience with other students looking to get back into the martial arts.

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