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Stranger Danger at Doral Academy in Las Vegas

by Grandmaster Allen Sarac
(Las Vegas, NV)

Ms. DiRaffaele's Class at Doral Academy

Ms. DiRaffaele's Class at Doral Academy

On December 14, Grandmaster Allen Sarac joined Ms. DiRaffaele’s class at Doral Academy to show students what children at Professional Karate Centers learn.

The Martial Arts School Presents 'Stranger Danger' Class

Grandmaster Sarac gave a demonstration of the Karate School’s “Stranger Danger” class, providing student’s with safety tips and warning signs as well as giving real life scenarios.

Grandmaster Sarac was able to cover a lot of important information due to the well-behaved and attentive students of Ms. DiRaffaele’s class. Grandmaster Sarac awarded each student a free month of karate for their excellent behavior and participation in the demonstration.

From 'Stranger Danger' Class to Martial Artist

Professional Karate Center’s looks forward to teaching the newest members of our school from Doral Academy.

Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Center in Las Vegas Nevada has been offering specialized training and community service to the area for over 30 years. It is the oldest and the most highly awarded school in Nevada. New students may try a FREE WEEK of karate classes to learn more about the school. Just click on the link on this website.

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