The Karate Kid, Student of
Professional Karate Centers

The Karate Kid, ages 4 to 40 and up are returning to the art, the traditions, and the discipline of karate to gain knowledge that is generally not taught in the public school system.

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Always try to live up to the student creed:

  • Be loyal to your country
  • Obey your parents
  • Respect elders and teachers
  • Trust in friends
  • Do not destroy; choose to preserve life

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The Karate Kid: General Behavior

Reading, Writing, Math and the arts are all very important to our growth and productivity. Increasingly, parents want to give their children an edge - a way to teach qualities that will bring their child a good life, respect, and peace of mind. This is the karate kid of Professional Karate Centers

Our more mature karate kid; the Adults, are returning to the teachings of the "Martial Way" to simplify their lives... and to bring serenity in an otherwise chaotic world.

What would our world be like, if more people understood that...

Karate Begins and Ends with Courtesy

Take a serious attitude. Keep a quiet mind and a restrained, courteous manner. Through a diligent practice, seek self-confidence and serenity of mind.

Have patience. If you expect to learn everything in one day, in one month, or all techniques in one year, you are deceiving yourself. True skill comes only after learning, practicing, and repetition of the art. It requires mental and physical dedication from the artist.

A good Martial Arts Practitioner should display polite, respectful manners at all times.

In the presence of the Master Instructor, your parents and elders, proper conduct is a must. Examples of appropriate behavior are:

  • Open doors for them
  • Rise when they enter of leave the room or join you when you are dining
  • When guiding them, walk in front of them to show them the way
  • If walking together, walk beside or behind them
  • When traveling together, as in an automobile, or when dining together, offer them the most comfortable seat available

As a Martial Arts Practitioner you are responsible for their comfort.

When introductions are necessary, always introduce the person with the highest rank, social position, or eldest first.

Conduct yourself respectfully. Do not eat, drink or smoke excessively

Always try to live up to the student creed (see above)

Do not discuss or demonstrate the art of TaeKwon-Do outside of the Dojo, except with fellow students, family, and close friends in confidence. Nothing is gained, but much may be lost by boasting.

USE MIGHT FOR RIGHT. Do not abuse your knowledge and martial arts training. Avoid confrontation. Use your training for self-defense and only when REALLY necessary.

Karate Begins and Ends with Courtesy

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Professional Karate Center's is interested in yrou stories. And, so are our readers!

What have you learned since your last belt Test?
What part of karate do you like best?
How has karate helped you?
What advice would you give to a new student?

You are a respected Martial Artist. Pick something and share your story with your friends, family, and others.

What Other Students Have Said

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This is why I want to be a black belt 
This is why, I want to be a black belt. I can discipline my body way more than I do now. I can teach the next generations of kids. I can take …

The Responsability of Becoming a Black Belt 
Being a black belt is much more than having a high title in class. When someone receives their belt they now have more responsibility to take on. …

Why I Want To Be A Blackbelt 
There are many reasons why I want to be a black belt. One reason is because it will increase my discipline, my respect and respect for others. Because …

Well I originally started karate to help me have more discipline and to motivate me to set my standards higher than I thought was possible. I wanted …

Collin Swords (student)  
I have been in karate for 7 years and I have never ever seen a school like this. When I came here, I was 9 and I came from first step karate which gave …

It's Not Just the Title but the Honor That Comes With It. 
Being in karate changed me by self discipline, honor, courage, respect, and gratitude. Just because you have a 'Black Belt' doesn't mean you're done with …

George J Sarac: Tiny Karate Kid with a Big Heart 
Teachers mistakenly send him to the kindergarten class, he doesn't get to ride all the rides at the amusement park, and he'll probably spend more time …

Passing The Black Belt Test at age 9 Not rated yet
My name is Katelyn Miller I am the youngest black belt in class right now ,I am 9 years old. I started karate when I was 3 years old. when I saw …

Black Belt Test Advice from Tara Not rated yet
Taking The Black Belt Test Advice From a Black Belt I recently received my black belt, so I have some advice I would like to pass along to prepare …

My Tips On Taking The Black Belt Test  Not rated yet
You've waited, prepared, and now it's time. Let Kenny Do Tell you about his experience and tips on taking the Black Belt Test at Allen Sarac's Professional …

A Message to Future Blackbelts Not rated yet
I started when I was very young. Age 7 and in the second grade to be exact. At this point in time right now I have earned my first degree black belt, I …

Starting Karate at age 3! Noah Gershman (black belt, student) Not rated yet
Transferring to a New Martial Arts School may seem daunting, especially for a young child. But read on, here's a note from Noah that not only proves you …

“What is my most personal accomplishment in Karate?” Not rated yet
My most meaningful experiences or accomplishments in karate are many. How do I choose my most important accomplishment? In fact, I can honestly say …

Hard work defiantly pays off in the long run. Not rated yet
For those who don't know Mr. Murphy, he was one of my karate instructors who passed away not too long ago. Master Sarac told me when I received my black, …

Student's Comment on Karate Classes Not rated yet
I love karate classes. The teachers are nice. If you don't go here (Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers) you should - its a whole lot of fun here. …

These are the reasons why I wanted to be a black belt. #1 I want to protect myself from danger when it really happens. #2 I want to teach other children …

I always wondered why I wanted to become a black belt.I thought about what my P.E. teacher would always say: if you exercise a lot,you live a longer …

Throwing Problems Not rated yet
I am a brown belt and I have to throw a lot. I have problems when I throw. MASTER SARAC lets me throw the lightest students. When I threw Maladen and Jacob …

During lessons, MASTER SARAC lets me throw the lightest students in my class but I didn't throw them good. I can't even throw my sister, Stephany. When …

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