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Throwing Problems

by Melyssa Correa -Diaz
(Las Vegas, NV., USA)

I am a brown belt and I have to throw a lot. I have problems when I throw. MASTER SARAC lets me throw the lightest students. When I threw Maladen and Jacob I did the throw good. I did everything I could. I even skipped a test so I won't fail!

From Master Allen Sarac

Although you are smaller than your twin sister Stephany, you will get these Judo throws. It's a matter of technique and practice, practice, practice. Even at age nine you are learning that it's better to accomplish your goals one step at a time, and not to move on to the next level too quickly. That is why you are waiting until the next belt testing opportunity. It's a lesson in testing and one in life.

And that is a big lesson for a nine year old! Keep up the good work, think of all that you have already accomplished so well. Very Good job, Melyssa!

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