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Toys 4 Smiles Becomes PKC Student's Karate Charity Event

Toys 4 Smiles Gets Help From Students at
Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers

Toys 4 Smiles, Santa Clause and students at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers in Las Vegas have something in common. They love delivering toys.  And the local Las Vegas charity has delivered over 151,000 toys!

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Karate in Las Vegas charity event with Toys 4 Smiles and Professional Karate Centers
Las Vegas Karate team at Toys 4 Smiles charity event
Building Toys karate kids painting toys
LVkarate building toys
Toys 4 Smiles assembly table
Parents and students at karate charity event
martial artists show charity toys

Toys 4 Smiles in Las Vegas provides a toy to children of all ages in need of a smile. And, at the same time provides a sense of purpose, caring and community to the volunteers.

Students at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers have built a reputation by not only having good self defense skills, but also as community leaders.  Since his beginning, Grandmaster Allen Sarac has used his school to promote local charities and his students have learned about their hometown while building citizenship skills.  It is this balance of strength and wisdom that makes Black Belts from Professional Karate Center truly stand out.

At the event held in May 2013, parent and student volunteers from Professional Karate Centers manufactured, cut and painted cars for charity to give to those who just needed someone to say "I care about you".

Master Allen Sarac enjoyed the learning experience as well as another opportunity to help the community. His comment sums up the type of day they had, "Everyone should spend part of a day here, it was surprising just how fun building the cars turned out to be!"

The other benefit was that each student got to take home 2 of the cars they made.  One was to give to someone to give them a smile, and the car was for the volunteer.  That was a nice touch to the day.

Links are provided under the video below so that you may donate or volunteer at this Las Vegas Charity.

Grandmaster Allen Sarac owns and operates Professional Karate Centers and is the oldest and most awarded Karate School in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada.

Watch this Video and see how toys are built by volunteers

Would you like to Volunteer or Donate to Toys 4 Smiles? Click here to go to the Toys 4 Smiles Las Vegas website.

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