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Want To Be A Black Belt? - Here's The #1 Tip

by Taylor Bartoli
(LV, NV,USA) Taylor achieves her black belt Taylor achieves her black belt

Message from Editor:

When I asked why he has stayed in the Martial Arts his entire life, my brother, Allen Sarac once told me, "Karate mirrors Life - therefore Life is Karate."

Life has its ups and downs, it's wins and failures, obstacles and successes. Students of the Martial Arts will experience all of these - and they can begin to do it at age 4.

Luckily, they have the mentors, teachers, family and friends at Allen Sarac's Professional Karate Centers to keep a careful eye, helping hand, and the push when needed to get through it all.

But Taylor Bartoli demonstrates the one requirement that you need to bring to the table. One that can be enhanced through karate, but ultimately comes from within - within you!

At the end of Ms Bartoli's belt testing tip is a link to a message she wrote to the school upon achieving her black belt. Click on it, it's worth the read.

My Tip to Future Black Belts
By Taylor Bartoli

There are days when people are saying, "Oh I didn't want to go to karate today, my parents are making me."

But that attitude is not going to get you anywhere, Throw out your problems when you walk into that dojo and just give it your all. Practice the "I can do it" attitude every time you step into the doorway.

It will help you in more ways than finishing one karate class

Karate classes will help build your endurance up, because your going to need it. When I found out I was taking my black belt test I didn't realize it would be five hours long!

You have to push yourself until you can't anymore. I've been there, I wanted to give up so badly.

And for that I received 3 months of probation.

I had to come to every Saturday class like it was my test. Now I couldn't give up! I kept pushing myself when I was dead tired. I cried and cried and cried but crying won't get you anywhere. I had to keep pushing myself.

Don't give up!

Keep pushing yourself because it will help you. Push yourself harder and harder, but don't give up. I hope to see you all pushing yourself when you're dead tired on the black belt test

And I hope that I'm one of the first to welcome you as the new black belt!

Editor's Note: Thanks Taylor...

Perseverance: Never, Ever Give Up!

It's a cornerstone of the Black Belt

Now to read Taylor's story click on this link:
Gettiing her Black Belt

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Nov 06, 2015
Want to be a Black Belt
by: Anonymous

I will check out all of Back Belt forms. Thanks for the heads up! It is really great to have a well-made selection of the best Black belt Tips.

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