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What a Black Belt Means

by Freddy David
(Las Vegas, NV)

What does a Black Belt mean to you?

That question can be answered in as many ways as there are Black Belts. So read Freddy David's version on what a black belt means to him. It just might help you put into perspective what it means to you as well.

What a Black Belt Means
by Freddy David:

What being a black belt means to me is that the black belt shows respect towards others and discipline of their body and mind. Also, a black belt shows humility and uses what they know in the right way if needed.

Black belts set higher standards for themselves so they can push themselves to grow better at what they are doing. A black belt always strives to grow and learn.

Earning a black belt can earn a person respect, but that respect isn't given so that they can order others around. Respect is given to a black belt for what they have accomplished, not just because they have a strip of black fabric around their waist.

Becoming a black belt can be hard at times, but in the long run, you will have learned how to control your body and mind, and you most likely will have made friends on your journey. You will learn how to do things that you thought you would never be able to do, and you will have grown stronger both physically and mentally.

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