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by Stephany Correa-Diaz
(Las Vegas, NV., USA)

I always wondered why I wanted to become a black belt.I thought about what my P.E. teacher would always say: if you exercise a lot,you live a longer life. I wanted to live longer. I wanted to be healthy too.

I also thought about the reason why my mom brought me to this school. I would always not be sure but try each karate center my mom would bring me to. At first I would like the karate center at the beginning though. I would then sometimes wanted to leave after I'd sign up. One time I like a karate school so much, but my mom wouldn't. I then thought it was a waste of time going there.

This karate school is amazing! I would sometimes want to quit karate, but I just can't!It's just my thing.I love karate soooooo much.

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